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– On Creepy Old Mxn & Beyond –

Sex positive spaces have their archetypes: the caretaker, the initiator, the clown, the seducer… And isn’t there always this one figure that gives us the creeps, that we try to avoid? There is no real threat, something just makes us feel uneasy when it’s odd and vague. Inappropriate shoulder rubs, sharing too much information, staring – but then avoiding eye contact, the aura of neediness, greediness, of both self-righteousness and uncertainty. He might be the masked guy who stands alone in overconfident closeness yet emotional distance to the playfully engaged, jerking himself off. But couldn’t we see him as a fascinating part of the party, a reminder of our own awkwardness, a chance to empathize and an inspiration for play?

This is where this workshop starts! We want to question prejudices and look for more creative ways to deal with creepiness than exclusion and indignation. First and foremost by unfolding our own weirdo and using creepiness as an open source and a possible turn-on.

Have you ever felt the tiny little spark of an urge to also behave unsettling yourself? Maybe follow one person around the whole evening or fall into childlike begging for closeness to the unreachable – couldn’t that somehow be interesting and excitingly intimate? And what mysterious delights could we be rewarded with if we dare to not run away from the one person in a play space that makes us cringe, but directly approach them and consciously and confidently play with their awkwardness by using it for our own pleasure?

Let’s crawl through this uncanny valley of creepiness that lies between the mountains of ordinary and crazy, safety and danger, awesome and awful. Let’s understand what exactly freaks us out and how we can communicate with people perceived as troubling. Let’s question why behaving ’normal‘ should be more desirable and ask, how dealing with what gives us the chills can make us feel stronger, honest and empowered.



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